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My wife and I have just had a deck designed and built with Kayu Batu exotic hardwood and we are ecstatic over the outcome! Our original desire was a PVC deck but we just could not get over the fact that it looked and felt "plastic". Our architect/builder gave us the option of two different hardwoods for exterior use...Ipe and Kayu Batu. We had learned that both were similar in density and longevity but the Kayu Batu was about half the cost of the Ipe. We had done a lot of research and learned that the Ipe was scarce and hard to come by so we had decided to go with the Kayu Batu based on cost, availability and the fact that the color was so much more consistent than what we saw in Ipe decking. I would like to stress to all that this Kayu Batu deck is more than what we had dreamed of! It looks so perfect and it's "natural" instead of synthetic. We highly recommend this decking to people who want a quality product that will last & last for a very affordable price.
Steve and Patty, Mineral, VA
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